The Walt's Bike Shop Super Casual Bikecamping Trip is a casual, (mostly) self-supported weekend adventure taking place on September 8 and 9. Our route winds 35 miles north up to Rudolf Bennitt State State Wildlife Area. Be advised, this ride is completely self-supported. Bring not only everything you need to spend a night out in the woods, but also everything you might need should your trusty steed have mechanical troubles. The roads we’ll use are primarily gravel, so some sort of touring or gravel bike his required.

The first half of the route features a few tough climbs that we plan to tackle as casually as possible. We’ll stop in Harrisburg after 20 miles to refuel before finishing up the ride on Ridge Rd. Once there we’ll set up camp next to the lake.

Those that have registered (here) for meals will then be treated to a delightful dinner! The next morning we’ll eat breakfast then head back to town using the same route. The route can be found here! See you all soon!