Saddle Drive Summary

Tyler and I are sitting in the Denver airport waiting for our connecting flight to Kansas City after a few days in Utah at Quality Bicycle Product's Saddle Drive event. We've ridden the latest and greatest from Salsa, Surly, All City, and Foundry on some awesome trails out of the Snowbasin Resort just East of Ogden, UT. After spending time with the bikes and the people that created them I think it's safe to say that 2015 is going to be a great year for bikes! photo 4 (1)

I'll save time and let the actual companies give a detailed line description.

2015 Salsa Line

2015 Surly Line

2015 All City Line

2015 Foundry Line

We definitely had some favorites this year. Among them were the new Salsa Mukluk with the Rockshox Bluto suspension fork and Salsa's Bucksaw full suspension fatbike. Adding suspension to the already fun fatbike category just expands what these bikes are capable of. They've now gone from flotation oriented mixed terrain crawlers to full on trail machines. Suspension isn't needed on all fatbikes though. In 2015 Salsa will still offer their popular Mukluk in a traditional rigid design as well as the new Blackborow line with close to five inch tires. The Beargrease also returns with a carbon or aluminum frame. Look forward to seeing some of the above in the shop come Fall!

photo 2 (3)

photo 3 (2)

Besides the ever popular fatbike category, Salsa had their entire mountain fleet on hand. While there weren't many technical changes in the line, the Spearfish and El Mariachi return in 2015. The Spearfish is probably one of the more perfect bikes for Missouri. With 80mm rear travel and 100mm front, the all-day-cross-country-race-bike or I-just-want-to-ride-mountain-bikes steed couldn't be more appropriate for our trails.

It's hard to truly understand how much fun these bikes are without actually being able to ride them on our own trails. Fortunately we'll get that chance come October! The Salsa demo truck will be making it down to our neck of the woods so we can all spend some time on all of their bikes on trails we know and love. Stay tuned for dates and details.

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