#TrekWorld 2015: Jesse's top 5

Trek World was a blur of products including bikes (every type imaginable), shoes, helmets, clothes, lights, and everything in between. As always, the products were top notch; however, there were definitely some things that shone above the rest. Here's my top 5 favorite things (in no particular order) from the show. 1. The Procaliber

IMG_3897 (1)

I was really looking forward to riding the new Procaliber SL and it definitely exceeded my expectations. Trek bills this bike as an XC race hardtail. In my mind, "XC race" has often meant super light, fast, but sometimes uncomfortable mountain bike. This is not the case with the Procaliber. Trek attached their tried and true IsoSpeed decoupler to the frame to increase ride compliance at the seat tube. This takes some harshness out of small bumps, rocks, etc.

Trek also built the Procaliber up with the new Boost hub spacing front and rear. This allows for shorter chainstays and increased wheel stiffness which translates to a better handling bike. More so than any other XC hardtail I've ever ridden, this bike is straight-up playful!

2. New shoes from Bontrager


Shoes! It's always said that you should pay most attention to your contact points on the bike. The first place I look to increase comfort and performance has always been in my shoes. Also, it's been scientifically proven that better looking shoes increase rider performance (just kidding, but seriously.)

3. Sven Nys

FullSizeRender (3)

Belgian cyclocross legend, Sven Nys, was hanging around the show floor Monday night. I had the privilege of watching him win the CX World Championships in Louisville a couple of years ago so meeting him in person was icing on the cake. He scribbled on a poster for me. Probably just wrote his name, but I like to think it says something to the effect of "smash 'em this season."

4. This display


Those who know me well know that I have an affinity for the visual. There were beautiful displays like this all over the show floor.

5. New Project One options and colors


Trek will be adding the brand new Madone, Procaliber SL, and Top Fuel to their popular Project One customization program. Pick your paint, components, and customize the bike so that you truly have a one of a kind steed.