WARRANTY NOTICE: BPSA recalls quick releases industry wide

Dear Walt’s Customers, A number of bicycles sold between 2000-2015 were equipped with a front wheel quick-release lever that opens past 180°. If the quick release is improperly adjusted or left open, the quick release lever can become caught in the front wheel disc. If this happens, the front wheel could separate or come to a sudden stop and the rider could lose control of the bicycle.  This only pertains to bicycles equipped with disc style brakes rather than traditional rim brakes.


For the model year 2015, Trek did a running spec change to a different quick release with a lever that cannot contact the front disc brake assembly when open. That means that some of our 2015 model bikes may be affected.  Furthermore the CPSC and the Bike Product Suppliers Association have more recently agreed to participate in the voluntary recall to cover all other major bicycle brands in the US in addition to Trek.

Link to the Trek recall notice:


Link to the BPSA recall notice:



What you should do:

1:  Inspect any disc brake bicycle you own and determine whether the front quick-release mechanism is affected.  If you have questions regarding the recall you may call us for explanation or bring your bike in for an inspection.

2:  If your front quick-release is recalled and you purchased your bicycle from Walt’s or it is a brand we currently sell regardless of where you bought it, we will replace it free of charge.  If you own a bicycle brand that is not currently sold through Walt’s, we can sell you a new quick release if desired.

3:  Learn how to properly use a quick-release.  The video link below shows the proper quick-release procedure.  It is also a good idea to move the quick-release handle to the non-disc side of the hub to eliminate any potential problems.



Thank you for your patience,


Service Manager

Walt’s Bicycle, Fitness and Wilderness Co.