Introducing the Walt's Adventure Kit

AdventureKitFINAL The Mark Twain National Forest, a staple of adventure riding in Missouri.  Its swatches of green mottle maps of Missouri topography like spots on a cow.  In those spots, the savvy adventure cyclist finds tumbling miles of gravel roads connected by sketchy stretches of single track.  Burbling brooks and sheer bluffs cut throughout the national forest land, slicing through engineer's attempts to conquer these landscapes with asphalt.

The Adventure Kit.  Designed by your very own Walt's cycling and outdoor outfitters and manufactured to the most diligent of standards by Castelli Cycling Apparel.  The Adventure Jersey is slathered with a map of the Mark Twain National Forest, presented in a pleasing green and orange colorway.  The Adventure Bib Short is a subdued and classy black, with subtle branding, elegant construction, and the softest of chamois.

Show your Missouri pride and Mark Twain spirit.  Get lost in the national forest and turn to the Adventure Jersey for a map.  Realize that the section of forest you are in is NOT the same section depicted on the jersey.  Drink from a stream, trip on a rock and tumble down a rocky trail, and fall into a sweet, painful sleep at the back of a cave, where the light, soft material of this kit will do nothing to protect you from the slavering jaws of a pack of coyotes.

The Adventure Kit is available for pre-order at!