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Spirit Fitness Equipment

The leaves have changed colors and a few mornings have been downright cold. Old man winter is coming and that means it’s time to plan for indoor workouts. We just started carrying Spirit Fitness equipment to help you meet your fitness goals. They’re a 30 year old company dedicated to providing quality residential and commercial fitness equipment.

Spirit makes a variety of treadmills, ellipticals, and fitness bikes to suit many different needs. Everything from the dedicated triathlete to the person just wanting to keep their legs moving in the Winter months.

Spirit's recumbent stationary bikes focus on comfort and solid quality. The recumbent bikes have mesh seat-backs for comfort and you can adjust the angle of the backs on the top two models.


Spirit's elliptical trainers are designed to fit a wider variety of people. The ellipticals come in three distinct models each offering more than the last. The foot pads on the elliptical trainers are angled inward 2 degrees to better align your legs and also feature a narrower Q factor which contributes to a wider range of fit.


Spirit offers five different treadmills. Most of the treadmills fold to save some space and all are great for a variety of workouts. There are entry level models that are perfect for walking or hiking and more fully featured units perfect for the lifetime runner.


The consoles all have manual operation and basic programs to help you change up your workouts and move past those fitness plateaus and feature an easy to read LCD screen. Each model  features different options for programs and many work with wireless heart rate monitors.

XT 385 Console 0035

There are resistance/speed and incline controls in many of the handlebars on all the different types of equipment so you don’t have to reach over to the console mid-workout to make adjustments.

Of course we still have Landice treadmills and ellipticals, WaterRower rowing simulators and Body Solid strength equipment. So come on over and give them a try!